About Us

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We Are Shoppers, Just Like You

Hi! We are Luis and Goncalo, the founders of TagPeak.


Years shopping in-store and online taught us firsthand that a good offer is not found, but rather made.


And we’re here to prove that.

We know more than anyone that discount seasons can be a bit disappointing at times. Months-long waiting, limited lines of products to choose from, low-quality offers, and finally; the lack of satisfaction for you as a customer.


Tired of this situation, one day we thought “what if people did not depend on brands to get discounts?”,“what if a better discount did not cost the seller more?”, “are there really great deals and offers out there?”.


That’s what led us to the creation of TagPeak.


A much better alternative to typical discount seasons and boring cash-rewards systems that have reigned for so long as the sole sovereigns of these perks.


TagPeak is a win-win system of potential earnings boosted by financial investments, but most importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to get the best out of every online purchase that you make from now on..

Our goal is to partner with all the brands you love

Our goal is to partner with all the brands you love so that you can get unlimited cash back from all of your favorite products.

Are you ready?

We’re here to grow alongside you, our interests will always be aligned with yours. At TagPeak everything is about your win. We’re just waiting for you to be ready to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime connection.