How Tagpeak leverages on financial markets to maximize user rewards

Explore how Tagpeak leverages in-house financial expertise and strategic investment practices to significantly enhance cash rewards.


At Tagpeak, we believe in transforming the way you shop by integrating financial rewards with online purchases. Our approach is unique: we not only offer you a chance to get money back on your shopping but also enhance those rewards through investing in the financial markets. Here's how our expertise and strategic investment amplify the benefits you receive.


Rooted in Experience

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, with over a decade of experience in investment banking and financial markets. This deep industry insight is crucial as we navigate through complex market conditions and make informed decisions that aim to benefit our users.


The Importance of Leverage in Our Strategy

Our use of leverage is a key component in our strategy to amplify the rewards we can offer you. Initially, the commissions we receive from our partner brands may seem small, but through investing using some leverage, we strive to increase these rewards significantly. It’s about making the most out of every opportunity to provide you with greater value.


Concentrated and Strategic Investments

We concentrate our investments on carefully selected opportunities. This targeted approach allows us to manage risks while seeking to maximize returns. Our decisions are guided by rigorous criteria, including strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, and a potential for short-term growth.

It’s worth mentioning that while our strategy aims to increase the potential rewards, it also comes with risks—the most noticeable being that the cash reward might not increase or even go to zero. However, since there's no investment from your side, the worst outcome you face is simply not gaining a bonus, but never losing money.



Our mission at Tagpeak is to enhance your shopping experience by linking it with the potential for financial gain. While we handle the complexities of investments, you can enjoy shopping with over 120 global partners, knowing that we're continuously working to maximize the value of your purchases.

Join us on this innovative journey where each purchase could lead to more than just consumer satisfaction—it could also grow into a rewarding financial opportunity.

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Or, they could just use Tagpeak instead and earn unlimited cashback on every purchase without any worries!