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Top brands and devices.
Similar prices to high-street retailers.
Potential for up to 100% cashback on any purchase.

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You buy, we invest, you win

We are the first company in the world that invests its profits and shares any gains with customers.

Buy your product
at Tagpeak

Buy your product at Tagpeak

Same as buying from your usual retailer. All our products have a 2-year warranty and a 14-day return period.

For each purchase you make, we invest our profit in the financial markets. Depending on the investment performance, you may get from 0% up to 100% money back.

Launch your
cash reward

Launch your cash reward

Use the activation code that comes inside the package. That will tell us you received your device.

To make your cash reward grow, we will make investments in high-potential tech companies.
Note that there is no risk to you - no money can be lost.

Follow your reward
and cash-in

Follow your reward and cash-in

We have a dashboard where you can follow all your cash rewards every day.

You can withdraw the reward directly to your bank account at any time. Maximise your earnings by becoming a Gold member.

Find out how much you could have earned

You can check what your cash reward could have been, if you had shopped at Tagpeak in the past.


Earning cash rewards is free

We aim to have similar prices to the main retailers and brands' own store. The difference is that we reward you like no one.


For every purchase you make, we invest 10% of the price (excl. VAT) in the stock market and share with you the returns.

Your cash reward amount will be linked to the investment performance and will float accordingly.

You can track its performance daily in our website and choose to cash-in anytime. 

You can earn a cash reward that can go from 0% up to 100% of the price paid for the product. 

The likelihood of getting 100% back is low, but possible. Two out of three customers get more than 25% back in each purchase.

You can check our historical performance here. Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results. 

After each purchase, you can immediately choose to receive 5% cash reward in your bank account.

If you choose to boost your cash reward, we make the investment after the 14-day return period. Then, you can track its performance daily in our website and choose to cash-in anytime during the Investment Period (typically 4-6 months).

When the Investment Period ends, your cash reward will not move anymore. It will be there waiting for you to cash-in directly to your bank account whenever you decide to do it.

No. The worst-case scenario is a 0€ cash reward in the end of the investment period. But you will already have the product with you, so you have nothing to lose.

Tagpeak prices are also similar to those of traditional high-street retailers.

No. Our prices are very competitive and in line with high-street retailers and brands’ own stores. Feel free to let us know if you find any cheaper price.

Join the cash rewards club

Become a member to start earning on your next purchase. Whenever you're ready, no pressure.

Refer your friends and up your status!

You can get higher share of the gains if you spread
the word or shop again.

You can get higher share of the gains if you spread the word or shop again.

Base Cash
Base level
  • No referrals needed
  • No mininum spend
You start here
Silver Cash
  • A referral (1)
  • OR 1.500 spent (2)
Gold Cash
  • 3 referral (1)
  • OR 3.500 spent (2)

(1) A successfull referral means a real purchase in our store, by the person you referred. Referrals can be made until 12 months after your Cash Rewards activation.

(2) Minimun amount spent at our online store in the previous 12 months.