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Why you should buy now and new

In our experience so far as a consumer electronics online retailer, we have been encountering a large number of customers that constantly delay their purchase decisions and, when they finally decide, they prefer to buy an old product model instead of a new one. There are several reasons for that to happen: budget constraints, expectations of future discounts, doubts about the real value or benefit that the product will bring, etc.

At Tagpeak, we aim to support customers in this journey, helping them understand the value behind not delaying purchase decisions and buying new technology models. For that we will answer the three questions presented below.


Why the right time to buy is today?

The earlier you decide to buy something you need, the better for you as time is our most valuable asset. You will enjoy the product earlier and for a longer time. Depending on the product, the benefits of that could be an increase in productivity, budget savings, better quality time with family, being perceived by others as an innovator vs. late adopter.

Why buy the newest technology?

When you buy new models, you are directly supporting product innovation. Companies such as Apple, Samsung, or Sony, need sales in order to reinvest in better features. The higher the sales of new models, the more they will invest in future models.

Imagine everyone would postpone their decisions and buy old models. Think about how quickly companies would become uncomfortable to invest and bring innovations to the market. Some products such as home appliances, smartphones, electrical vehicles, or healthcare devices, would take longer to develop and probably never see the light of day.

Why use Tagpeak?

When you buy at Tagpeak, you are giving an additional contribution to innovation. In addition, when you purchase something, Tagpeak invests its profits in innovative technology companies listed in the stock market. This way, we area all contributing to the circle of innovation involving users, brands and retailers.

If you join our Cash Rewards Club (check how it works), you will get a share of our investment returns and benefit additionally to getting the latest technology. The earlier you buy, the sooner you may receive our cash rewards.

Save time, support innovation, and get some money back!


P.S. With this post we do not intent to encourage consumption, such as constantly replacing old models by new ones. We want to show the direct and indirect benefits of swift decision-making.