Minutes to launch

Smartphones to stop launching every year?

At Tagpeak, we understand what it takes to develop something from scratch, so we respect anyone who tries hard.

Brands like Apple, Samsung or Huawei make a huge effort and invest huge sums of money in the development of innovative products – it is a race! After they put a product together, it is made available for shoppers through a wide network of distributors and retailers. Just as the product is launched, they go back to the drawing board and work on the next model. Product lifecycles are very short, particularly for smartphones, with dozens of new models being launched each year.

Traditional retailers, who care only about the commercial part, do not seem to appreciate how difficult it is for brands to keep innovating and manufacturing new models. The discount culture that we see in other industries spilled over to technology products in recent years. Technology retailers keep on making the same mistake in rewarding latecomers. This has serious consequences, and the consumer might be the main loser – as people wait endlessly for the possibility of a better deal, brands do not get the cashflow they need to invest and innovate. LG is considering whether they should exit smartphones in 2021. Others will follow.

Tagpeak supports the brands you love and invest in new technology. We understand the temptation of waiting for discounts but also how often it does not pay off. That is why our unique Cash Rewards Club might give you that extra confidence to buy today and stop delaying decisions that make you happy!