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Tagpeak – Revolutionising the old retail model

There are several types of retailers for smartphones and other electronics in Europe:

  • Traditional street retailers (e.g. FNAC, MediaMarkt, Euronics, El Corte Inglés, etc.)
  • Brands’ own stores (e.g. Apple store, Huawei store, etc.)
  • Online-only retailers (e.g. Amazon, Mobileshop.eu, Bol.com, etc.)

This is a highly competitive market, dominated by large players and well-established brands, all competing based on price, location or delivery time. Honestly, Tagpeak is not the cheapest out there, nor as fast as Amazon. However, Tagpeak will be the only retailer that is focused on giving the maximum amount of money back to its customers.

With this unique vision, Tagpeak brings innovation to the old traditional retail model, offering Cash Rewards that can go from 0% to 100% of what the customer spent. As we price similar to traditional street retailers and brands own stores, there is no risk to the customer. The worst-case scenario is getting no cash reward.

Think it through. Why would you buy anywhere else, if at Tagpeak you find similar prices and also get a cash reward?

Where does the cash reward come from?

While traditional street retailers need to spend money in physical stores (rents, utilities, etc.) and store personnel (assistants, counters, etc.), Tagpeak doesn’t. As an online-only retailer, Tagpeak will save those costs and invest it instead.

retailers cost structure


If the investment goes well, we will share the returns with our customers in the form of a cash reward, up to 100% of price paid. If the investment doesn’t go well, the cash reward will be close to zero.

In what does Tagpeak invest?

Tagpeak invests in high-potential companies that trade on the stock market. We have developed an investment model that identifies the best performers of tomorrow. Typically, our selected companies operate in the technology sector.

Don’t forget, if you are going to buy smartphones or other electronics at your traditional street retailer, visit the Tagpeak.com first. You have nothing to lose, only to win!